A Place in the Country

For us, Welcott Farm is more than a business. It’s a destination where your dog can maximize their unique personality while making friends in a peaceful setting. Guests of Welcott Farm can either relax and enjoy quiet time or run and play with others. Being a smaller operation allows us to get to know each dog personally. We recognize that dogs have unique traits, whether it be their size, personality, their activity level, or health conditions. We treat each dog individually, allowing them the opportunity to play as often as they want while receiving any particular level of care required.

We understand that being in a new environment may be stressful, therefore, we take our time in establishing a relationship with your dog. We allow each new dog the time they need to get comfortable, performing gradual introductions with other guests. From there, dogs are free to run around the play spaces, socializing and interacting with each other to their heart’s content.

Our previous experience working with rescues continues to hold a special place in our hearts. In addition to boarding our guests, Welcott Farm is also a place for fostering through our partnership with Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue. We have also worked with other Humane Societies and rescue groups. Our support of the rescue mission is also evident through a discounted boarding rate for rescued dogs.

A Day At Welcott

While staying at Welcott Farm, dogs have the advantage of playing outside in a secured, supervised space surrounded by Pure Michigan farmland. While each dog has their own level of energy, we follow their lead and provide them with what they need. As our guests continue to return, they are always excited to spend time with their established friends while making new ones.

Some dogs may want to play all day while others require frequent rests. During down time, each dog is provided their own spacious pen for eating, sleeping, or daytime rests. Larger pens are also available for those with two or more larger pups. Baths can be provided upon request before your dog returns home. Pampering your pup is provided frequently throughout each day.